Work environment advice

Work environment advice

The work environment at our worksites must be safer and more secure if we are to be able to attract tomorrow’s workers. Although the trend has been in the right direction — with a declining number of accidents — it is still insufficient. One accident is one too many! The industry needs to pull together and change up a gear.

The Swedish Construction Federation is therefore making a major investment in A Safer Workplace — a change project that aims to showcase safety issues within the industry, change attitudes and create safe worksites.

Accordingly, we have also recruited regional work environment advisors — to meet the clear wishes of the member companies. The advisors for you to contact are listed here if you have any questions regarding worksite safety.
The work environment advisors’ primary task is to provide free support to those member companies that have insufficient know-how to raise safety. More than anything else, this pertains to advice on preventative measures. Your work environment advisor should be an active advisor on all safety issues. For example, the advisor can provide information and training (about CPR for example), conduct preventative “audits,” draw attention to risk factors and propose remedies.

When you are unsure about which regulations, laws and rules apply, just pick up the phone to your work environment advisor. Together we create safer worksites — welcome.

Your work environment advisor

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